Compound Bow

You can identify the compound bow by the multiple strings and the system of pulleys at either end of the bow. This bow is known for its widespread use in both field and 3D archery as well as bowhunting. Many archers also shoot compound bows in target archery.

What is special about a compound?

Some see the compound bow as the most recent evolution of archery. The pulley system or “cams” on either end of the compound are what give the bow its unique “let-off” capability.

What does “let-off” mean?

A let-off is the point during the draw when a compound archer can hold less draw weight. It allows the archer to take more time in aiming and is especially useful in hunting situations.

For example, this means that with a 60 lb compound bow the archer will begin drawing the string at the “peak weight” of 60 lbs. Then partly through the draw, the archer reaches the let-off point and the draw becomes easier at typically 65-75% of the original weight. The archer will stay at this “holding weight” of around 15 lbs until he or she is ready to release the arrow.

A beginner's guide to compound archery

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